Just days out from Christmas, Malcolm Turnbull has delivered students a nasty surprise, revealing he’ll cut $2.2 billion from unis.

The cuts effectively put a cap on the number of uni places – taking us back to the bad old days of John Howard.

The Federal Member for Bass, Ross Hart has said that these cuts will place an unnecessary burden on students and families in Bass, and also sends the wrong message about the UTAS Transformation project-which should drive the future of Northern Tasmania.

“I’m sure Mr Turnbull hoped that by sneaking this out during uni holidays that students wouldn’t notice.

“But as Year 12 students across Australia are nervously awaiting uni offers, you couldn’t blame them, and their parents, for worrying about the future.” Mr Hart said.

Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts will see students miss out on uni places, bigger lecture and tutorial sizes, and will compromise the quality of teaching and research.

Earlier this year, Labor blocked the Liberals’ uni cuts in the Senate.  So now, Malcolm Turnbull has by-passed the Parliament and announced billions of dollars in back door uni cuts instead.

“It just shows that the Liberals have never cared about strengthening unis, helping students, or preparing our economy for the future.  Nowhere is this more important than in Northern Tasmania.

“Mr Turnbull is robbing students to pay multinationals and millionaires.

“What kind of Prime Minister wants to make it easier for big business to pay less tax, but harder to for people to go to uni? A future at University, either in an Associate degree or another Higher Degree will transform the future for Tasmanian students.

“His priorities are all wrong.

“Everything Malcolm Turnbull does puts uni further out of reach, despite the welcome investment in UTAS’s northern campuses.

“It’s part of the war Mr Turnbull is waging on young people.  He wants to make it harder to go to uni, harder to buy a house, harder to start a family, harder to get ahead.

“Labor opens doors to opportunity, Malcolm Turnbull slams them shut.” Mr Hart said.