Following today’s release of the latest job figures Labor Member for Bass Ross Hart urged the Australian and Tasmanian Governments to do more for job creation in Northern Tasmania.

“These figures are alarming. There are 41,400 Tasmanians out of work or needing more hours competing for just 2,500 jobs. That’s a ratio of more than 16 to 1,” Mr Hart said.

“These Tasmanians want to work but the jobs and hours simply aren’t available. While the Liberals treat out of work Tasmanians harshly, with punitive conditions and minimal support, Labor is serious about creating good jobs and protecting penalty rates.

“Under the Liberals 499 apprenticeships have gone from Northern Tasmania and they’ve made big cuts to TAFE. This is not good enough. Labor wants to immediately reinvest in TAFE, provide more training courses and create more apprenticeships.

“We need secure and well-paid jobs that people can rely on in Northern Tasmania. That’s why Labor is targeting Northern Tasmania as a Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Training with potential for exciting new investment in technology based jobs from our proposed $1 billion Australian Manufacturing Future Fund,” Mr Hart said.

Today’s labour force figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm:
• There are 14,100 unemployed Tasmanians competing for just 2,500 available jobs.
• That’s close to 6 out of work Tasmanians competing for each available position.
• The national average is 3.6 out of work Australians for every job vacancy.
• 27,300 Tasmanians are underemployed and seeking more hours of work.
• That’s a combined total of 41,400 Tasmanians in competition with one another for just 2,500 jobs.
• That means for every 1 job available there are more than 16 Tasmanians who are either looking for work or need more hours.