The Tasmanian Liberals’ campaign for more Commonwealth public service jobs is an insulting sham, with hundreds of Tasmanian public service workers losing their jobs under the Turnbull and Hodgman Governments.

The latest State of the Service Report revealed Tasmania lost more than 400 Commonwealth public servants in 2017 alone.

When Labor was in Government in 2013 there were 4239 Commonwealth public servants in Tasmania - the latest figures show there are now just 3468.

Senator Duniam and Treasurer Gutwein’s campaign is an insult to the almost 800 Commonwealth public servants in Tasmania that have lost their jobs under the Turnbull Government.

They should be apologising to these workers, not chasing cheap headlines.

As Senator Duniam and Treasurer Gutwein launch their sham campaign, a further 100 jobs in Tasmania are threatened by the Turnbull Government’s reported plan to privatise visa processing services.

These job losses are across every level of skill and across multiple departments and government agencies.  Jobs have been lost across the state from Burnie in the North West to Kingston in the South.

Incredibly, when the latest figures on Commonwealth public service job losses in Tasmania were announced last year, the Tasmanian Liberals welcomed the news.

“I congratulate the Government on again reducing the size of government and hope that there is a continued focus and emphasis on a further reduction of public service.”

-          Senator Eric Abetz, 27 November 2017

On top of the hundreds of public service jobs lost in Tasmania, our state has also seen job losses in non-APS government agencies.

This includes job losses sustained by removing the Australian Federal Police from Hobart Airport as well as cuts at the ABC and CSIRO.