Bass misses out under the Turnbull Government with a Budget that locks in cuts to the Launceston General Hospital and our schools and fails to invest in the future of Northern Tasmania.

Under Turnbull’s budget – big business gets more but middle and working class Tasmanians miss out.

This budget reannounces projects already funded. No roads in Bass attract funding in this budget.

Any budget that gives an $80 billion tax handout to big business while cutting from our state’s schools, hospitals and pensioners is an unfair budget.

The Budget does nothing to fix the crises engulfing Tasmania’s hospitals caused by the Liberals’ cuts to our health system. It locks in cuts announced previously in health and education.

There is no new funding for our state’s already underfunded schools. There are new cuts to TAFE and apprenticeships.

Tasmanians won’t forget that for five years the Federal Liberal Government did not invest in one significant new infrastructure project in our state.

They won’t forget the Federal Liberal Government slashed $100 million from the Midland Highway.

This is a Budget that fails Tasmania’s future.

Northern Tasmanians have missed out.