Malcolm Turnbull’s guarantee that Tasmania will not be worse off with impending changes to be made to how the GST is distributed is now in tatters.

Today independent economist, Saul Eslake, stated that Tasmania’s share of the GST could mean the state is set to lose around $500 million under the new reported distribution arrangements.

This would make an absolute mockery of the Prime Minister’s guarantee he made to Tasmanians in May of this year that we will not be worse off under a revised GST distribution system.

The Prime Minister’s fake guarantee is an insult to all Tasmanians.

Instead of keeping his word the Prime Minister has taken all Tasmanians for granted thinking he can simply tell half-truths in the hope nobody will notice.

Labor will not support or tolerate any major changes that will see hundreds of millions of dollars stripped from Tasmania’s Budget.

The Turnbull Government has sat on the Productivity Commission’s report for more than six weeks and has done nothing to explain to Tasmanians what it plans to do to with the state’s share of GST.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

It is time for the Prime Minister to explain to all Tasmanians what he has in store for our state. He promised and stated in the Parliament that the GST report from the Productivity Commission would be released in June.

Prime Minister, where is the report?

Where are the Federal Liberals standing up for Tasmania’s GST?

It is clear the Tasmanian Liberal Senators have no credibility and no influence in Canberra.

The Liberal Senators have rolled over and accepted Malcolm Turnbull's huge cuts to our hospitals and schools and now they could let our state be hit again.