Labor is deeply concerned that Scott Morrison is yet to publicly release any details regarding the protection of Tasmania’s share of the GST under his planned new carve-up of this revenue.

This is not good enough and Scott Morrison must come clean today.

How can anyone trust Scott Morrison to protect our state’s share of the GST when he previously characterised Tasmanians as ‘beggars’ for wanting our fair share?

Scott Morrison’s comments in Western Australia on the GST gives Tasmanians many more questions than answers.

What form will the ‘top up’ payments promised to our state take? How long will these ‘top up’ payments last? Will Tasmanians have to “beg” for these to continue?

Will these payments be signed into inter-governmental agreements? What guarantees will exist to ensure Tasmania and other smaller states are not worse off over the long term?

Tasmanian Federal Labor Members and Senators will not support any deal that does not provide adequate and appropriate protections for Tasmania’s fair share of the GST over the long term.

Tasmania cannot afford a deal on GST that would impact on our state’s ability to deliver the best possible essential services.

Our hospitals are in crisis and our schools are already under-resourced after years of Liberal cuts.

Tasmanians must be assured any changes to the way the GST is distributed does not leave our state worse off.