Tasmania’s Liberal Senators must break their silence and start fighting for our state’s share of the GST after all State and Territory Treasurers backed Federal Labor’s proposal today.

In their meeting today, every State and Territory Treasurer agreed the Government needs to follow Labor’s lead and legislate a “no worse off” clause for changes to the GST distribution.

This included Tasmania’s Liberal Treasurer Peter Gutwein and Liberal Treasurers in New South Wales and South Australia.

But where are Tasmania’s Liberal Senators in this fight? Why aren’t they fighting to protect Tasmania’s share of the GST?

It’s time for the Tasmanian Liberal Senators to start fighting for our state. They must call on the Government to follow Labor’s lead and legislate that no state is left worse off.

It is impossible to trust Scott Morrison to protect our state’s share of the GST when he previously characterised Tasmanians as ‘beggars’ for wanting our fair share.

Tasmania cannot afford a deal on GST that would impact on our state’s ability to deliver the best possible essential services.

Our hospitals are in crisis and our schools are already under-resourced after years of Liberal cuts.

Tasmanians must be assured any changes to the way the GST is distributed do not leave our state worse off.