Tasmania’s Liberal Senators must use a visit by Scott Morrison to our state tomorrow to stand up for our fair share of the GST and ensure we are not left worse off.

Every Liberal Senator in our state must finally break their silence and reveal whether they are on the side of Tasmanians or on the side of Scott Morrison who has characterised us as “beggars”.

If they are on the side of Tasmanians they would ensure any GST deal includes protections for our state.

Modelling has revealed Tasmania could lose up to $248 million without a “no worse off” guarantee for all states and territories.

Why aren’t Tasmania’s Liberal Senators fighting to protect our state’s share of the GST?

To date the only contribution they have made is to support Scott Morrison’s plan.

"We have worked hard within the Government to secure an outcome which is good for Tasmania, and this [GST distribution] proposal delivers”


The Liberal Senators have been embarrassed today by Tasmania’s Treasurer who has taken the extraordinary step of writing to ensure our state is not left worse off.

But Will Hodgman and Peter Gutwein cannot be left off the hook for failing to stand up for our state.

For months they have been saying Scott Morrison’s GST plan for Tasmania was “on face value, a good deal for Tasmania.”

It is clear that without a “no worse off” guarantee this is not a good deal for our state.

Tasmania cannot afford a deal on GST that would impact on our state’s ability to deliver the best possible essential services.

Our hospitals are in crisis and our schools are already under-resourced after years of Liberal cuts.

Tasmanians must be assured any changes to the way the GST is distributed does not leave our state worse off.