Overnight, we've seen the release of the Institute of Health and Welfare's annual hospital statistics, and they paint a disturbing picture for Tasmanian patients. One in 10 Tasmanians presenting to our emergency departments face a wait of nine hours and 41 minutes to be seen. It's the longest waiting time of any state. Last year, Tasmania's elective surgery waiting list grew by 2,385 people. At the same time, there were 1,623 fewer admissions from the list—a fall of 8.5 per cent. On average, Tasmanians needing vital cardiothoracic surgery are waiting 46 days—that is 20 days longer than any other state. One in 10 of these patients face a 138-day waiting period—40 days longer than any other state. Tasmanians rightly expect that, when they get sick, they receive the best treatment possible,without facing lengthy waiting times. That's why, if elected, a federal Labor government will invest $30 million to address Tasmania's elective surgery backlog, delivering almost 3,000 extra procedures and boosting our health workforce. Whilst the Liberals keep cutting health, Tasmanians can be assured that Labor will put patients first and fix our hospitals.