Federal Member for Bass, Ross Hart will return to Canberra on Sunday for the third last week of parliament before the next Federal election.

Mr Hart said “What we have seen every time we have travelled to Canberra in the last 12 months is an inward looking government who have stopped listening to the Australian people. If they ever did”.

“The people in Bass have very real concerns about rising cost of living, a hospital system in crisis, the lengthening waiting list for Home Care and services for our ageing, not to mention bankers getting million dollar payouts after overseeing fraudulent behaviour”.

“The government is tired of governing and has scheduled parliament to sit for little more than ten days in eight months”.

“Labor will seek support from parliament for it to do its job, to sit longer to bring the government to the table, to act on the Banking Royal Commission’s recommendations”.

“Australians do not want to see another person lose their house or their lives due to bank’s poor behaviours and lack of appetite to regulate that bad behaviour” said Mr Hart.