Federal Member for Bass, Ross Hart said on Sunday “I am very concerned by this morning’s admission on Insiders by the Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor that Government underwriting of coal projects will be in direct competition with Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation project”.

“Modelling has found that Tasmania’s Marinus Bass Link and related pumped hydro and wind generation investments only stack up under increased investment in renewables and a reduction in energy produced by coal”.

“The Tas Networks Feasibility Study is clear – the Marinus Bass Link project only stacks up if supported by a high emissions reduction target, like Labor’s 50 percent 2030 renewable energy commitment,” Mr Hart said.

“Under Labor’s policies, a 1200MW interconnector will deliver a net positive benefit of $114 million and drive renewable energy jobs in Northern Tasmania.”

“In contrast, the Feasibility Study trashes Scott Morrison and the Liberal’s business as usual approach – finding that without a deep emissions reduction target and with Snowy 2.0, a 600MW interconnector will be a net cost of $377 million to the Australian economy.”

“The only case in which both Snowy 2.0 and the Marinus Bass Link project (and the related pumped hydro and wind generation investments) make sense is with Labor’s commitment to 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”

“The Minister’s admission this morning shines the light on Scott Morrison and the Liberals credentials on climate change.”

“They refuse to provide any support for new renewable investment once Labor’s Large Scale Renewable Energy Target expires in 2020, preferring to provide taxpayer support for unnecessary, expensive and polluting new coal power plants.”

“Only Labor has clear plans for ensuring Tasmania capitalises on the benefits of Australia’s transition to renewable energy.”