I’m Ross Hart, your Labor Member for Bass elected in 2016. I’m a local. I was born in Launceston and have lived here with my family for most of my life. I care about this community and that’s why I sought election to Federal Parliament.

I listen.
I know for our community to do well everyone has to participate in the life of the community, not just those who can afford to. The present Liberal Government is delivering cuts to education and cuts to health.

From listening, I learn – about the needs of Bass.

I need your help to ensure Canberra receives the message that Bass cares about Jobs – for our youth, as well as those who lose a job later in life; Education – so that our children can have the well paid jobs of the future, and Health- so we can defend Medicare. I need you to help me to be re-elected, so together we can strengthen our community.

I led a team of lawyers in my professional life. Leadership means standing up. I stand for Bass.

I’m committed to putting BASS first.