The Government’s Big Stick Legislation

This government gagged debate on it’s “Big Stick” Legislation, being too afraid of defeat on other legislation to allow the matter to be debated.

This is the speech I prepared on the issue.


Bass misses out under the Turnbull Government with a Budget that locks in cuts to the Launceston General Hospital and our schools and fails to invest in the future of Northern Tasmania.

Newstart should not be the Hunger Games

Recently I received a request, as did every MP, to comment on the ability for any of us to live on $40.00 per day, and whether Newstart should be increased.

This is the article which resulted:

The New Daily We asked federal MPs if they could live on Newstart

Public Service Jobs

I was reading the newspaper today and had to check to see whether it was April Fools day.

In a commendable, but seriously delayed, move the Tasmanian Liberals have decided that it is appropriate to bid for relocation of Commonwealth public service jobs in the regions, in particular to the north and the north-west of Tasmania.


I was recently interviewed by Caitlin Jarvis of the Examiner newspaper regarding vocational training. My thoughts on this issue have been printed in the Examiner newspaper edition of 8 April 2018. The article is extracted below.