Tasmanians are not afraid of clean, green renewable energy. It is part of our industrial heritage. It's part of our state identity, our history. We understand hydroelectric generation, our world-class wind resource and the advantages of small- and large-scale solar.

Constituency Statement- Launceston Smart Fuelers, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Under the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government, cost-of-living pressures are rising, yet we see on a regular basis record company profits and CEO bonuses with absolutely no relief for workers, with real wage increases consigned to the never-never.

Constituency Statement – Tasmania: Housing Affordability

I rise to speak today about a disturbing increase in the number of constituents approaching my office for assistance in locating housing—in particular, public housing.

Speech – Norwood Ladies Probus

I thought what I would do today is, rather than simply giving you some biographical information - which anybody can say who they are, where they came from - I would like to let you know who I am by reference to some of what I believe in.
It’s not going to be a political speech.

Statements by Members – Hospital waiting lists

Overnight, we've seen the release of the Institute of Health and Welfare's annual hospital statistics, and they paint a disturbing picture for Tasmanian patients.